Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Four Ways to Encourage Giving in the Church

Understanding the real essence and effect of giving is essential in a church. How to encourage the act of giving is sometimes challenging and uncomfortable to communicate.

Giving is a spiritual instruction and reinforcing giving helps the congregation to understand the spiritual significance of giving. The Bible mentioned giving a lot and we have a responsibility to be generous, to families, friends, church members and others.

Here are fours ways to encourage giving in the church:

1. Explain the Biblical value added to Giving.

Remind the congregation about several verses in the bible that talks about giving. When we give to God, the bible states we are obeying his commandment and when we obey his commandments we are recognizing that he is our lord and savior. The old and the new testaments are filled with many verses about God’s instructions and rewards to those that give to him on how they will harvest in multiple folds. Reminding the congregation about the holy act will stir their hearts to know that the more they give the more they will receive from God. Scriptures verses like 2 Corinthians 2 vs 7 which says “The Lord loves a cheerful giver” verses like this should be regularly quoted and explained to the congregation.

2. Explain how Giving helps the ministry.

It is important to be transparent with the members of the church about the finances of the church and the cost of managing different infrastructures within the church. From Utility bills, to staffs’ salaries, outreach, evangelism costs, and other running cost incurred. God’s kingdom needs money to grow. Creating videos about how the money contributed is used for mission work will help people visualize the benefit of contributing to the kingdom. By encouraging them to keep making a difference and how every dollar is carefully spent will allow the congregation to feel more at ease and continue to give.

3. Ensure the congregation have multiple ways to Give.

In recent years, churches can not only rely on one way of collecting tithes and offerings (which was during the service) nowadays, with the input of technology, every church must have a very reliable website and giving platforms. During the church services, the church must ensure that members can give electronically. Online giving is an essential component of encouraging the congregation to give. They should be able access the website and click a give button to give seamlessly, or via text giving, kiosk giving, church giving App, Facebook giving or a virtual terminal. Award winning online giving and donor management platform like ContinueToGive.com provides a comprehensive solution to multiple methods of giving, with six ways to give the congregation will have no problem choosing the most convenient platform in and out of church. Having a dependable and reliable church website is very important to integrate most of these giving platforms. Making it easy for the congregation to give in and out of church cannot be overemphasized. If your church does not have a website, the church should consider a reliable church website builder and integrate these several ways of giving, which will most certainly encourage contribution. Easy to use website builder like SiteTackle.com provides ministries,churches and organizations with an affordable web solution. SiteTackle can help you build a professional website at the fraction of standard average cost.

4. Ensure the people giving in church are appreciated.

Appreciating the people giving should not go unnoticed. By finding multiple ways and methods to say “thank you” to those that make financial impact in your church is very rewarding by recognizing them you also are indirectly encouraging others to do the same. Sharing the stories of the givers, testimonies of how giving have been rewarding to them makes the givers and potential givers feel encouraged to want to follow in the same direction. Continuous engagement with the people that give during the year discretely and openly is also beneficial. Ensuring they know they are appreciated and cared for by praying with them, visiting them at their homes and engaging them online and via other sources will allow them to want to do more and know that the leadership of the church cares about them beyond giving.

Giving is truly a spiritual and personal experience as real stewards of Christ, generosity is part of the mandate we have as believers. Effective communication of this joyful expressions should be done all year round by the leaders of the Church. A great quote said “so give with a glad and generous heart because the very act of letting go of money does something within us. It destroys the demon greed and allows generosity to grow”.

Always remember to tell the congregation that giving is the great way of expressing how much we love God and follow is will.


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